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Meet The Lymphatic Massage Om Team

Darek Zurawski - Owner/Founder of Lymphatic Massage Om

  • Darek graduated from The Chicago School of Massage Therapy 1992.

  • He opened up a clinic the same year in 1992, Lymphatic Therapy Center.

  • Within the past few years Darek expanded the business and opened up a bigger clinic with 4 treatment rooms and is now called, Lymphatic Massage OM.

  • Darek is a professionally trained therapist in Manual Lymphatic Massage and Complete Decongestive Therapy,

  • He graduated from the Dr. Vodder School in Canada, Austria and North America.



Stephanie Curiale - MLDT

  • Stephanie has been practicing Manual Lymphatic Massage since 2011.

  • Stephanie is licensed and certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy as well as Oncology/Cancer Massage, Geriatric Massage, Prenatal & Infant Massage.






Dr. John Wascow -  Chiropractor 

  • Dr. John graduated from National University of Health Sciences in 2009 and is a board
    certified chiropractic doctor.

  • He is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)

  • Dr. John can perform acupuncture in the State of Illinois.

  • He is one of eight doctors trained in Stecco Fascial Manipulation within the State of




Cristina Cozzone - Certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer & #1 Best Selling and International Author

  • Cristina is a certified Life Coach trained by The World’s Number 1 Results Coach- Tony Robbins.
  • She is also certified as a Marriage Educator
  • Cristina utilizes her 15+ years experience working with children (0-17) and their families to create massive change.
  • She has a specialty in building relationships and making every day life easier.
  • Cristina’s main focus is on helping her clients’ create their ideal life.
  • Cristina has a certification in Holy Fire Reiki Healing.


Brian Peterson - Transformational Coach & Energy Healer Specializing in Pranic and Reiki Healing

  • Brian is a Transformational Coach and powerful Energy Healer.
  • He is trained and certified in both Pranic and Holy Fire Reiki Healing.
  • Brian is also an Army Veteran. He found himself broken down from his 16 years of service and 5 combat deployments.
  • Brian used energy healing to build himself up again and now uses a combination of all the techniques that saved him to help others.
  • Brian's main focus is get his clients out of confusion and into peaceful emotions.