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Coaching & Energy Healing

Life Coaching with Cristina Cozzone

60 minutes: $175*

Life Coaching utilizes different strategies to help clients identify their goals, recognize the patterns that hold them back, and create commitments around action steps that will bring them closer and closer to their ideal life. Every session is unique to the client’s personal needs and desires. Life Coaching encompasses the whole person, the whole life and can focus on any and all the parts including relationships, health, career, finances, etc. Through these proven techniques measurable results in your life can be achieved faster and easier with the support of a trained and certified coach. 

* Ask about packages- Ongoing and constant support is important to ensure the success of your goals!


Initial Energy Healing Session with Brian Peterson

90 Minutes - $255

Do you often feel tired, worried, and/or fearful about the future even though things are going pretty well? Do you feel closed off and internally stuck? Allow me assist you in changing that!

Through energy healing techniques the body’s healing system, known as the Sympathetic Nervous System is activated, blockages are removed, and energy is restore to a healthy flow. This results in a feeling of calm, connected, and certain.

This first session is 90 min so that any questions can be answered while still allowing time to get comfortable, relaxed, and open to the healing. 

Many clients reported experiencing immediate relief from stress and feeling energized after their first session!

Continue to experience the greater benefits of continued sessions offered in 2 convenient formats:

Ongoing Energy Healing

60 Minutes - $244 *

Accelerated benefits in a longer session form. Being able to more deeply relax and feel energized after the session.

Ongoing Energy Healing

30 Minutes - $133 *

Shorten session timing for convenience understanding that we live in a busy world and dedicating this time to yourself is important.

* Ask about packages